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Good News!


A former guest shared with us that she wanted to quit smoking once she moved into her new housing. We just checked in with her and she has not smoked in 2 months!! Now that she doesn't have to worry about where she is going to live; she is able to focus on herself and

Good News!2021-08-03T18:59:13-04:00

New Guest Moves In!


We have a guest who moved in with big goals and is wasting no time putting a plan in action. She was working late shift and was not able to provide the work/life balance she wants for herself and her child. She has just secured a new job with day time hours and is actively

New Guest Moves In!2021-08-03T18:56:28-04:00

Advocate for the Homeless


We often hear people make assumptions that homeless people are lazy and content to live off the government. This is a frustrating stereotype that HOMe is happy to break. We have a guest who works full time, just got a raise, AND took a part time job to attack her debt. Please share this post

Advocate for the Homeless2021-08-03T18:48:49-04:00

Mooresville Dermatology Center Donates Toiletry Bags to Hope of Mooresville


A huge shoutout to Mooresville Dermatology Center for holding a toiletry and hygiene product drive to benefit HOMe! The bags are generously filled with items such as brushes, shampoo and lotions. What an incredibly generous community Mooresville is! Thank you so very much to Dr. Simon, her staff, and their clientele

Mooresville Dermatology Center Donates Toiletry Bags to Hope of Mooresville2021-05-31T15:55:47-04:00

Update day!


A former guest shared with us that she just paid off a large medical bill, and her credit score is increasing. She used the skills she learned at HOMe to negotiate, and we are so proud of her! Another former guest was recently promoted to manager of her department. It just goes to show that

Update day!2021-05-31T15:53:55-04:00

Yes, Dale Jr. just donated a car to a HOMe guest!


Mooresville Christian Mission has created a life changing new program called Drive to Thrive. They partnered with HOMe to find a deserving person to receive the first car donated by Dale Earnhardt Jr. We are so proud of our guest who earned this honor by working very hard during her six month stay to achieve

Yes, Dale Jr. just donated a car to a HOMe guest!2021-03-01T18:30:51-05:00

It’s graduation time!


This is the best part of our mission; moving a hard-working, deserving person into her very first apartment. She followed our program for six months and now she is self sufficient and ready for the next chapter in her life. Thank you, Julie, and her team for organizing the move and gathering all the furniture,

It’s graduation time!2021-03-01T18:29:15-05:00

When things come full circle…


One of our former guests has a client who is remodeling their home and getting rid of their appliances. She called us to see if anyone was moving out soon and timing was perfect. Thankfully, we have a guest graduating and moving into her first apartment. We were able to get her a washer &

When things come full circle…2021-03-01T18:28:29-05:00
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