Community Impact

HOMe’s mission is to provide long-term solutions to homelessness and to break the cycle for the next generation of families.

This is the first time anyone has cared, shown love and helped me.

HOMe Guest

How do we achieve this?

HOMe provides temporary shelter for approximately six months and requires guests to partner with us in order to set goals, track progress and ultimately empower guests to become self-sufficient and independent.

When our house if full, we do provide an extensive list of referrals and additional community resources that a caller may need.

We Provide:

Case Management

Program Coordinator and guests work together to complete ongoing tasks and stay on track to graduate. We start by creating a person-centered plan designed for their individual needs. Weekly meetings allow guest and the HOMe Team to track progress and maintain focus on present goals, time management and problem solving.


Upon entry, guests complete forms to acquire subsidized, affordable housing.

When it’s time to move, HOMe and the community provide furniture, supplies and basic necessities to create a home of their own.

Social Services

Sign up for benefits such as Medicaid, FNS (food stamps) and Work First.

Assist guests to acquire key missing documents such as social security cards, birth certificates and driver’s licenses.

Work with guest to resolve open child protective cases. 


Tutoring, babysitting so mom can attend program meetings, camps, and extra-curricular activities.


We present opportunities to attend church and participate in church activities and life groups.

Financial Literacy

Mentors work with guests to create realistic budgets, reduce debt and raise credit scores.


House rules are enforced for safety and serenity but also serve to support personal success through structure and routine. Chores prepare guests and children for healthy living habits once they move into their own housing.


Assist in finding and supplementing costs for medical care and family planning. Provide free weekly counseling.

Attend AA or NA support meetings to maintain sobriety.

Encourage healthy living habits with women’s support groups, health speakers, yoga, and neighborhood walks.


Enable women to believe in their ability to provide for themselves and their children. Show guest how by compassionately listening, supporting and guiding them through their journey.


Partner with SCAN to guide mothers with the challenges of raising healthy children.


Make sure guests get to work, appointments, church activities, daycare, camps and local community resources that provide food and clothing.


Education, additional job training, resume assistance, interview practice and assist with finding employment opportunities.


Birthdays, holidays, new babies and guest successes along the way! We also have fun with trips to the zoo, movies and bowling alley.