What can a new guest expect when entering HOMe? We require each guest to partner with us; this is an agreement that guests progress through the program consisting of:

  • Admissions Process– each potential guest is interviewed to determine if HOMe can meet their needs. HOMe is designed to help homeless women and children. We can NOT help those in active domestic abuse situations or those in need of substance abuse assistance. We will give referrals for housing alternatives.

  • Case Management– set goals and design a plan that meets your specific needs. Together we set deadlines and expectations to be discussed at a weekly meeting. Finding housing and employment are always a priority.

  • Connection to Resources- ensure guests are enrolled for qualifying benefits such as Medicaid and FNS. We also educate and connect guests with local resources that provide food, healthcare, and legal aid.

  • Financial Coaching- meet weekly to learn and implement budgeting, debt reduction, and saving.

  • House Rules- provide structure for safety and security for communal living.

  • Wellness- counseling, parenting classes, monthly women’s support group, and faith opportunities are available to everyone.


We have expanded our program to include an aftercare component for guests who have successfully graduated from HOMe. These families have been placed into housing but occasionally may need additional guidance, assistance and connections to resources.

Some of the ways we have already served our former guests include:

  • Providing food and supplies when we have an abundance of donations.

  • Grocery shopping at FeedNC’s pantry for our working moms.

  • Advice and resources to handle financial, transportation, and childcare needs.

We are utilizing staff, mentors, and volunteers to ensure that former guests have the tools to continue to thrive in our community. HOMe is just the beginning of their journey, and their futures are very bright.


HOMe receives over 100 calls a year inquiring about housing and other needs. Our staff provides an extensive list of resources for everyone we cannot house.

Referrals include active domestic violence situations, adult men, substance abuse rehabilitation, and victims of sex trafficking. We are always updating this list so we can be a valuable service for anyone with the courage to reach out for help.